Mondipro d.o.o. is a new company, founded in April 2010, and it manufactures high-quality wet wipes for different purposes. The Company’s headquarters is in Sveta Nedelja, Prosinačka 3, in the economic-production zone of Kerestinec near Zagreb, not far from the highway in the direction of Ljubljana.

Apart from developing its own brands, the Company produces brands for its clients. Its production is based on the highest technological, health and environmental standards. Modern and attractive design and product innovation are the main characteristics of the Company and as such it is ready to compete in the European Union market.

The manufacturing process meets the highest technological, environmental and health standards as confirmed by the Ministry of Health Class: UP/I-540-02/11-09/02 from 18 Jan 2012. The main characteristics of the manufacturing process are the high degree of purity of production and the use of non-toxic and harmless raw materials procured from European manufacturers with most references. The manufacturing line is composed of machines that have been designed and constructed by the most famous European manufacturers of machines in the manufacturing sector of wet wipes from Switzerland, Italy, Spain and England.

The employees who are involved in the manufacturing process have received special training through practice and the exchange of experience with foreign partners and their knowledge is being continually improved.

The manufacturing program is oriented to the production of wet wipes:

  • Wet wipes for babies
  • Wet wipes for cleaning one’s hands and face
  • Wet wipes for removing makeup
  • Wet wipes for cleaning pets
  • Wet wipes for cleaning all surfaces


TARGET CLIENT GROUPS: 60% our own brands 40% brands for clients

Apart from its own brands, the Company manufactures brands for the needs of its clients


NTL Narodni trgovački lanac                                                  
Baby Juju – baby wipes
Bellesa – refreshing wet wipes

Plodine d.d.
Baby – baby wipes

Ultra gros
Ultra Plus – baby wipes

Herba Drug, Slovačka
Oli Baby – baby wipes


Become the leading specialized manufacturer of wet wipes for different purposes in the domestic market and the region. Base the production on the highest technological, health and environmental standards. Continually increase our market share by acting as a highly socially responsible company with a developed awareness of environmental protection

Modernity, innovation and creativity will be the lasting qualities of the Company’s activity, which will guarantee the achievement of overall business excellence. With these characteristics the Company will be prepared to compete with its products in the European Union market.

The manufacturing technology is based on the business and technical collaboration with our Italian partner company STENAGO, Italy, from which we purchased the KNOW-HOW as the whole body of knowledge, experience and skills required to manufacture wet wipes in accordance with the highest standards for the quality certified under ISO 9001 and PRESIDIO MEDICO CHIRURGICO standards. The Company has also signed a contract with the Croatian National Institute of Public Health, where continuous analyses of the products and manufacturing processes are conducted.

Mondipro is the largest domestic manufacturer of wet wipes with the widest range of products. It places its products in domestic and international markets by developing partnerships with local and regional distributors. It is especially present in the markets of Southeast Europe: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania.

Within the framework of the business and technical collaboration with the Italian partner company STENAGO, the product placement in the market of the European Union is ensured: Italy, Spain, Portugal.